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Enhance your data security strategy. Learn how Get a Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders. Get Your Newest Electronics Now You can share your Wi-Fi password on your iPhone with the two methods: 1)By installing Visual Codes App. And 2) Straight from your iPhone without any installations. Can I share a WiFi password with my Mac

5. Tap the Wi-Fi Password. 6. Create a password for the hotspot. 7. Slide the Personal Hotspot switch to On. 8. Connect to the phone as a Wi-Fi network in Windows Staying on the screen at Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Manage Wi-Fi settings, scroll down to the sub-heading Manage known networks. (Alternatively, Under Wi-Fi select Manage known networks.) Select any of your networks listed here with a Not shared tag and you'll see a Share button

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Step 1: Head to Settings > [your-name] > iCloud > Keychain and enable the iCloud Keychain option. Step 2: Click on Launchpad in the Dock of your Mac and search for and click on Keychain Access. Step 3: Double-click on your Wi-Fi network in the list and click on Show password How to Share WiFi Password from one iPhone to another! iOS 13 - 2019 If you were not aware how to share WiFi from iPhone to iPhone this video will show you. How to share the Wi-Fi password between iPhone to iPhone by using QR code. Connect your iPhone to the Wi-Fi network for which you need to share the password. Open the settings on your phone. Access WiFi and select the connected WiFi network If you'd like to send your WiFi password to a friend's iPhone or iPad: Unlock your iPhone or iPad. Hold your iPhone or iPad next to your friend's iPhone or iPad. An alert will appear on your iPhone or iPad asking if you want to Share Your Wi-Fi

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This allows for simple file transfer, data backup and Wi-Fi password sharing. Connect your Macbook to the Wi-Fi network and put your iPhone next to it. On the iPhone, choose the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to (it should be the same network the Macbook is connected to) Option 3: Share Wi-Fi Password from iPhone to Computer; Option 1: Share Wi-Fi Password from iPhone/iPad to iPhone/iPad. There are two methods to share Wi-Fi password between iOS devices. First is with the inbuilt feature in iOS 11 and higher and then using Tenorshare 4uKey - Password Manager. Below we will tell you how to share Wi-Fi password. Using their iPhone, your friend should try to connect to the Wi-Fi network whose password you want to share. The Share Your Wi-Fi window pops up from the bottom of your iPhone screen. Tap Share Password. Your Wi-Fi password will be sent from your iPhone to your friend's device and their iPhone will connect to your Wi-Fi network Make sure you're connected to the network you wish to share, then open Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi, or your phone's equivalent. The network that is selected should also have a gear icon next to.. If none of these help, working with Apple employees would be needed to look at why you can't share between your two iCloud accounts. That prompt happens since your recipient keeps asking for the password and can't share it. Focus on fixing the other machine and account is my advice if I understand your setup

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From the main screen of your iPhone, open the Settings app. Tap on WiFi on the following screen. Then tap on the icon next to your WiFi network and it'll open the screen detailing your WiFi information. Scroll down on the following screen and tap on the DHCP tab if you aren't already there 2. Scan a QR or NFC tags to Connect to WiFi. There are a lot of sites and apps out there that let you create QR codes for WiFi passwords. If you are on Android ecosystem, then check out these QR Code Apps to share WiFi password from one phone to another or if you are on web, go to QR Stuff and select Wifi Login from the left menu, then enter in your SSID (network name), password and.

How to Share Wi-Fi Password from iPhone to Another iPhone Step 1 Make sure your iPhone is connected to the Wi-Fi network. Position both iPhone and other iOS device physically close to each other within the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi range. Step 2 Launch the new iPhone needing Wi-Fi password, you can go to Settings > Wi-Fi option There are better ways to share your Wi-Fi. Science; to make one for you. That way, you can easily remember the password, any iPhone or iPad running iOS 11 or later should be able to.

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  1. Once you get WiFi password from iPhone using PassFab iPhone Password Manager, you can easily use it to connect other devices from the same network or share the password to your known. This application offers the most extinguishing service and simple steps to recover the WiFi or any other password from your iOS device
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  3. Please enjoy watching how to share Wifi Password for free and how to check the Wifi Password on your smartphones. Amazon: Lens Kit: https:.
  4. Share your network password from iPhone to Android Because iOS doesn't have a built-in QR code generator like Android, you need to install an app like Qrafter or Visual Codes
  5. Step 1: Keep the iPhone unlock and connect to the Wi-Fi network. Step 2: Click the Wi-Fi icon of Mac in the menu bar, select the desired Wi-Fi network from the list. Remember: Do not enter the password of the network when prompted. Step 3: Tap share password on the iPhone

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  1. On the iPhone you want to connect to WiFi, go to Settings -> WLAN and select the network to which you're connecting. Go to your Mac and wait for the Share Password pop-up banner to appear. Click Share to automatically transfer the password to an iPhone device
  2. Share Wi-Fi Password From Mac to iPhone. 1. Connect the Mac to the Wi-Fi network. 2. Open the Settings app on the iPhone and tap Wi-Fi. 3. Select the same Wi-Fi network. The iPhone should then prompt for the Wi-Fi password. 4. In the meantime, a Wi-Fi Password notification should sho
  3. Steps to Instantly Share Wifi Passwords From your iPhone to Other iOS Devices: 1. First of all you need to open the iPhone where you want to connect the Wifi whose password you don't have. Go to the wifi setting screen and click on the network that you want to connect
  4. First, connect the device that's sharing the password to the WiFi network. Then, open WiFi settings on the device that's receiving the password. A window will pop up on the device that's sharing..
  5. Click your iPhone. Don't Close this Window. Tap Pair on your iPhone. You may be prompted to enter a code that is displayed on the other device. Return to the Devices and Printers window. Right-click on your iPhone. Highlight Connect using and then click Access point. Your Windows PC will now use your iPhone's internet connection over Bluetooth
  6. To use this feature go to Settings, then Network & Internet. Select the WiFi connection you want to share. This will open the WiFi settings from where you can tap on the QR code icon (Share). You would now need to feed in your phone's password which then will show you the QR code to be scanned to share the internet
  7. When showing something on your phone to your friends, family, or classmates, it is much better to share it on a bigger screen like a PC.However, there are many ways to screen mirror iPhone onto a computer running Windows 10 via WiFi, and you may find it hard to choose from the many options available

Afterward, you can view the preferred WiFi password via the Keychain app. It should be noted though that the method doesn't work on non-Mac laptops. To execute this method, follow the steps below: • On your iPhone's home screen, go to Settings > iCloud > Keychain. Toggle the iCloud Keychain on How to Share PC Internet with iPhone over USB cable Author Sakshi Garg Published on February 13, 2020 2 min read Sometimes you are in a situation where you have no Wi-Fi connection available, your phone isn't getting any signal, and the only way to connect to the internet is through an ethernet cable Creating a QR Code is simple. When you first open up the app, you'll be taken to the Codes screen. Seeing as you don't have any yet, tap Add Code at the bottom. Once you're on the code creation screen for Visual Codes, tap Connect To Wi-Fi underneath the header that reads or create code with action

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First of all, open your iPhone and place the new iPhone in the same position i.e. in front of the iPhone. After some time, it will ask for sharing the stuff from your old iPhone. Now all the settings, iCloud accounts, and WIFI passwords have been shared to your new iPhone Give your Hotspot a Name (SSID) and Password. You can even add Emojis and Special Characters to your Hotspot Name! Press the 'Start Hotspot' button to share your Internet connection. Make sure you have the ad blocker option selected, to save bandwidth, money and battery life. Connect your phone to the Wi-Fi hotspot you created on your laptop Step 1: On your iPhone go to the Settings option, click on your name and enable Keychain from the iCloud option. Step 2: All your secure information including the forgotten Wi-Fi password will be synced with iCloud. Open your Mac system and go to the Apple Main Menu and then select iCloud from Preferences

In this post I will focus on deploying WiFi profiles with pre-shared keys (PSK) to Windows 10 devices using a custom device profile in Microsoft Intune. There are a few good posts about this topic already and various methods but I'll try to consolidate all the info I found, walk you through this step by step and also give you some troubleshooting tips on the way To assign a static IP to your computer first open the Network and Sharing Center and click on the option Change Adapter settings on the left on the new window that opens up. Here, double click on.. Learn how to share WiFi Password with iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running iOS 14, 13,12 or iOS 11 firmware https://www.unlockboot.com/share-wifi-password/Here... Learn how to share WiFi Password. Share WiFi Password in iOS 11. Make sure you're connected to the WiFi network your friend wants to connect to. Have your friend open the Settings app and go to WiFi. They should then tap the network they want to connect to. Once they tap the network, they will be prompted to enter the password. At this point, physically bring both devices close which iPhone and iOS versions are you using? you will also need to check that your carrier allows a personal hotspot. if you are able to turn on a personal hotspot on your phone, just connect the phone to the PC with a USB and enter the Wi-Fi password after finiding teh phone in the network settings

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  1. Best WiFi Hotspot App to Share Internet via WiFi on Your Windows Computer Connectify Hotspot is a true virtual router software app for Windows computers. Not only you can share your Internet connection with other devices such as smartphone, tablet, media player, game console, e-reader, other laptops or computers, and even your nearby friends
  2. WinXP and Wireshark for wifi hacking? Nope, it's only password sniffing thru wireless connection tutorial. I spend lot of time to trying hacking wifi on windows machine, 10 years ago. There was problem turn wifi nic to monitor mode. Even if I found maddrivers and wifi finally operate in monitor mode, it was horror to crack even wep.. :/ now.
  3. This tutorial teaches you how to share your wifi password on your iPhone to another iPhone, iPod or iPad without knowing the password. This tutorial teaches you how to share your wifi password on.
  4. A screen will pop up prompting you to enter the Wi-Fi password. Now on the other person's connected device, a prompt will pop up asking permission to connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi. The other person will need to tap Share Password. Within a few seconds the password will be sent to your iPhone and you'll be connected to Wi-Fi
  5. We would love to be able to disable this wifi password sharing feature on our district devices, or if Apple could modify this feature so that the owner of the original device could set up a password that had to be inputted on the second device in order for the wifi password to be shared (might defeat the purpose of the feature somewhat but something needs to be done for businesses and school.

If your iPhone won't share WiFi passwords in iOS 14, double-check that both the devices are operating on iOS 14. Open Settings, tap on General and lastly hit Software Update. If your device is already running on latest iOS 14, you'll be notified with Your software is up to date but if not, tap on Download and Install to get your device updated to the latest iOS version Steps to Wirelessly Transfer Photos from iPhone to Windows: 1. The first step is to install the free app WiFi Photo Transfer for iOS for iPhone or iPad. It can be downloaded from the App Store or you can use this link to download it. 2. Once installed, open the app and it will show an IP address (something like 3 First of all, you need to locate your SSID, or service set identifier. This is basically your Wi-Fi network's name. For example, if you named your wireless network PuppiesAreGr34t, then that's your SSID. If you're not sure what your SSID is, head to the Wi-Fi menu in your phone's settings

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Option 1: See Connected Wi-Fi Password on Windows; Option 2: View Wi-Fi Password on Mac; Option 3: See Wi-Fi Password on Android; Option 4: See Saved Wi-Fi Password on iPhone, iPad; Option 5: View Wi-Fi Password on Notebook; Option 1: See Wi-Fi Password on Windows 8. Start Microsoft Edge on your iPhone, tap on the share icon. 9. When your iPhone links to your PC, tap on your computer name. The Edge browser will open automatically on your computer, and open the web site you share from iPhone. Way 5: Share files between iPhone and Windows 10 PC with iCloud. 1. Open your iPhone, tap on Settings >> iCloud. 2 Go to Settings > Network & Internet > WiFi. Tap on the name of the WiFi network you want to recover the password from to get to the Network Details Screen. Tap on the Share button. It will ask you to authenticate with a fingerprint or PIN

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However the password of a known Wi-fi network has changed, your iPhone will have trouble connecting to it. Since your iPhone remembers the old password which is wrong. And you are not offered a chance to change the wifi password as your iPhone automatically attempt to connect to the wifi network with the wrong password On the unlocked and connected device, an alert of Share Your Wi-Fi window will be displayed, showing you that another device (make sure it's the right user that you want to share your WiFi with) is requesting to join your WiFi network. Tap the gray Share Password button at the bottom of Share Your Wi-Fi window If your Windows computer has connected the wireless network and saved the password, you can see all saved Wifi passwords in one click with WiFi Password Genius. WiFi Password Genius is a powerful tool that can help you retrieve all wireless network security passwords stored in Windows 10/8/7. You just need to launch the software and get the Wi. Now, select your current Wi-Fi network from the list (this only works for your current network), then tap the Share button with an icon that looks like a QR code. You'll be asked to scan your fingerprint or enter your PIN, so do that — then the QR code will be revealed. Step 2: Share Your Wi-Fi Password in Second

Share your WiFi network via QR code You can then save the QR code for WiFi access as a image file on your PC, print it out to paper, or send it to your mobile phone. Ask your friends to scan the above QR code using the Camera app or other QR code reader app on their mobile phone or tablet Beside 'Share your connection from:' choose Ethernet. Below that, beside 'To computers using:' choose Wi-Fi. Next click Wi-Fi Options, this will give you the option to choose a password so that. Transferring pictures from iPhone to Windows 10 PC has never been a complex process. In fact, if you are on Windows 10, there are three easy ways to transfer pictures from iPhone to Windows 10 PC.. Up until now, we had to physically connect our iPhone to Windows 10 PC with a cable in order to transfer photos from the smartphone to PC How to Find WiFi Password in Windows 10. You can follow the steps below to check or view your WiFi Network Password in Windows 10. 1. Open Settings on your computer and click on Network & Internet. 2. On the next screen, click on Status in the left-pane. In the right-pane, scroll down and click on Network and Sharing Center

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With Google Nest Wifi or Google Wifi, you can easily check and share your Wi-Fi password through text, email, and other apps. If you set up a Guest Wi-Fi network, you can also use a unique password just for your guests.Learn more about how to share Guest Wi-Fi passwords. Note: Share your password only with people you trust Method 1. Find your Wi-Fi password using the Control Panel. If you have a Windows 10 laptop or device that can connect to a wireless network, then it can also show you the password it uses. You have to use an administrator account to be able to find this information To find your WiFi password on a Windows 10 PC, open the Windows search bar and type WiFi Settings. Then go to Network and Sharing Center and select your WiFi network name > Wireless Properties > Security > Show characters. Note: This guide is only for Windows 10 PC users. If you are a Mac user, you can check our article on how to find passwords.

When i tried to mirror my Android phone by connect app in windows 10.it asked a password in my Mobile.how to find When I connect my iPhone on the phone it will prompt for a password which is the password for my iphone. So try the password of your Now you don't have to go to your WIFI setting to connect instead you have. My iPhone is connected to a wifi network with a complex password. I connected my iPad to my iPhone's hotspot so that keychain would update on my iPad. Still couldn't connect to the wifi network. I then disabled keychain on the iPad and re-enabled it. I reconnected to the iPhone's hotspot and shortly after tried the local wifi network How to Share Your Internet Connection in Windows Using Ethernet or Wi-Fi By Avram Piltch 28 April 2020 Get Internet on any device by attaching it to your Windows 10 PC In the following tutorial, I am going to tell you five different methods to find out WiFi password of your current network. These methods include retrieving WiFi password on a Windows, Linux, Mac.

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On Windows 10, you can find your Wi-Fi password for the access point you are currently connected to or saved networks, which can come in handy, for instance, if you are trying to help someone to join the same wireless network or want to remember it for future reference After you find your password, you can use it on another PC or device to connect to your Wi-Fi network. On a Windows PC that's connected to your Wi-Fi network, do one of the following, depending on which version of Windows is running on your PC Step 1: Open Windows 10 settings and click on Network & Internet. Step 2: Select WiFi option on the left side and choose Manage known networks . Step 3: Here, you will get all the previous WiFi networks that you have ever connected to. Just click the one that you want to change the password. Step 4: Choose the Forget option

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Do you want to show wifi password on iPhone simply? If so, here are the different ways to learn Wi-Fi passwords on iPhones for you I read Leo's reply to, If I Let My Neighbor Share My WiFi, Can They See My Network Traffic, and many of the posts below it. Maybe I'm missing something, but it doesn't look like Leo, or the above replies, answer the question. My landlords let's me use their Fios wifi. I just enter their password on my phone and laptop If you have a Windows 8 computer, and log in to it with the same Microsoft account you use for your phone, the WiFi profiles can be synced to the computer. From there, you should be able to view the password just as you can with any other remembered network on the PC Which method do you like best for removing a network in Windows 10? These are the methods that we know for removing WiFi networks in Windows 10. We hope this guide is useful for you and, if you know other ways to delete network profiles in Windows 10, do not hesitate to share them with us, using the form below

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Pretty much everybody with Internet service uses a WiFi network to share that service to all the devices in their home or workplace. The vast majority of WiFi networks are password-protected If you are using iPhone and Windows 10 Laptop then you definitely face this issue at least once while connecting your windows 10 Laptop to iPhone Wi-Fi Hotspot, Usually in iPhone you can use three different types of Connection mode to connect other devices using Personal Hotspot, Once you enable the Personal Hotspot on your iPhone you can use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB options to connect to.

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For iPhone phones, the device used must be running the iOS version 11. While on Android smartphones, this password sharing feature is only available on Android 10. For more details, here's how to share WiFi passwords from iPhone and Android Get the 4 Ways on Hacking WiFi Password on iPhone, Android, Mac or Windows PC. Today hacking the password of Wi-Fi has become the most popular topic on the web. Mostly the users are keeping their Wi-Fi fully secured with the tough password in order to prevent unauthorized access Wait for almost 10-20 minutes, and the WiFi password will be successfully hacked. Using Bcmon Android App. This is another tested method to hack any WiFi using your Android phone. As mentioned above, this is the app the operated only on a rooted device. This app has a different mechanism to hack the WiFi password from the previously mentioned apps 1) Open the Safari browser on your Mac. 2) Click the Safari menu, then choose Preferences. 3) Click the Passwords tab. 4) Now authenticate with Touch ID or type in your administrator password, then double-click a saved entry to access the full details for the saved user name and password. 5) Click the Share button at the bottom of the window

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250 thoughts on Windows 10 Shares Your Wi-Fi With Contacts John S August 2, 2015. I guess for me I don't have the problem with WiFi Sense if you could authorize per user not a blanket. Since I'm already connected to this network with the password, my phone will get a popup. iPhone will ask you to share WiFi password for that particular SSID, to my friend who requested to join the network. I have to just tap on this popup to Share password.My iPhone will communicate with my friend's iPhone and share the password to join the network Here is how you can setup and connect to shared Windows Folders from the iOS 13/iPadOS 13Files app on your iPhone or iPad Learn how to connect to WiFi with an iPhone or an iPod Touch

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How to Connect iPhone to WiFi network. For some networks you don't have to enter a password as they are open to all by the network administrations. To connect to a Wifi network on iPhone, Follow these steps along. First of all get started by heading up to Settings; Look for the WiFi icon; Turn it on by tapping i Have an iPhone or an iPad with a cellular connection? The built-in Personal Hotspot feature makes it easy to share your connection.. To enable it, open Settings, select the Personal Hotspot option near the top, then tap the slider to turn it on. By default, your device will share the internet over a new Wi-Fi network with your device's name (which you can set it your General -> About -> Name. A WiFi QR Code allows you to connect to the internet by scanning the assigned WiFi QR Code with the help of a smartphone via its camera or third-party QR Code scanner apps without the need to type in the password. WiFi QR Codes can be shared with customers and guests easily and can even be used to change the password frequently without typing. Share iPhone's Personal Hotspot via Bluetooth. If you want to share your iPhone's Personal Hotspot to your Mac using Bluetooth, and then share that over the Ethernet, here is how you can do it: First, on your iPhone, turn off WiFi, and turn on Personal Hotspot

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  1. Another shortcut that can come in handy is sharing your Wi-Fi password as a QR code. Here's how you can do it. Disclaimer: The screenshots below correspond to Shortcuts app for iOS 13 Beta 2
  2. It happens to me all the time: I have saved Wifi password on my Windows 10 Laptop and I am online 24/7 and never felt the need to remember the password after entering it in my laptop probably a year ago. But when a friend or a family member drops by at my place and asks me about the Wifi password, I go berserk as I don't remember it
  3. How To Connect Your Computer To An iPhone Mobile Hotspot. If your iPhone has a 3G or 4G data connection, you can share your internet connection using the Personal Hotspot network sharing tool, and go online. Personal Hotspot allows your iPhone to tether and share a cellular data connection with other devices nearby via WiFi, Bluetooth or USB
  4. How to Share WiFi Password on Android Phone or Tablet If your Phone is using a newer version of Android OS (Android 10 or later), you can share your WiFi Password, Network Name and Network Settings with others using QR [

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  1. This wikiHow teaches you how to view the password that people can use to connect to your iPhone when you have it set up as a personal hotspot. Open your iPhone's Settings. It's the grey gear icon on the Home Screen
  2. How to connect to WiFi without Password, ByPass WiFi Password. Kindly follow the instructions given below to help you to Connect to any Secured, Password Protected WiFi without knowing the Password and Hacking any WiFi Router. Requirements-WiFi Port Scanner Tool V4.17 or V4.9
  3. In Windows 7, if I remember it right (correct me if I'm wrong), you would have selected the Wi-Fi adapter under Home Networking Connection. If you do this in Windows 8, you will be able to establish a Wi-Fi connection to your Windows 8 Access Point, but your client won't receive an IP address through the Windows 8 DHCP server

Now, turn on the WiFi settings on your friend's mobile and search for your Lumia's broadcast name. Once you find it in the list of available WiFi networks, tap the name to connect. After that, you will be prompted to input a password on your friend's mobile before he or she can start using your Internet connection The WiFi name and password would be shown on the next screen. How to view WiFi password on Android 9 or older. While finding WiFi passwords on older Android phones won't be as easy as it would be on Android 10, you can still do it within minutes How To Find WiFi Password On Windows 10. If you are on a Windows 10 PC, you can find your WiFi password in two methods. One is the direct and easy method were you can get the password of the WiFi network that you are currently connected to. In the more advanced method, you will be able to retrieve the password of all the saved WiFi networks

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Want to share on Windows 10 a VPN connection over Wi-Fi with others? Just follow the steps below: Step 1: Check on available networks. Make sure you have a wireless device running, such as a built in interface or an external USB wireless adapter Windows 10 File Sharing may not be enabled, especially if you don't have other computers on your network or this is the first time you have tried to access shared folders over your network. Use the following steps to enable File Sharing on Windows 10. Press the Windows key and type 'Settings select the Settings App from the listing Of course the iPhone has the Hotspot ability too, but we're going to focus on getting this feature working with Android this time around, and we'll also show how to get USB tethering working between Android and Mac OS X too, which, unlike Windows, is not a supported option by default on the Mac Here is the step by step guide to see saved WiFi passwords on your Android smartphone or tablet: Step 1: Open phone Settings and tap on Wi-Fi. Step 2: Choose your network under the connected section and click on Tap to share password below the network name. Step 3: A pop-up with QR code will appear on your screen How to Create Wi-Fi Hotspot in Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 - Step by Step Guide: Below is the step by step guide to create and share your laptop internet connection with other wifi devices using windows 8 wifi hotspot.. Things which You Will need to share your internet with other Wi-Fi Devices

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