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Best Tiger Barb Tank Mates 1. Cherry Barb. One of the most popular Barb species, the Cherry Barb is a peaceful and often timid schooling fish... 2. Red-Tailed Shark. While they're easy to take care of and they're not demanding when it comes to diet, the Red-Tailed... 3. Rosy Barb. Brightly colored,. 8 Tank Mates for Tiger Barbs I'd Recommend to a Friend 1. Mollies Poecilia sp. Upto 6.5 inches Mollies are a staple in all pet stores containing fish, they are a popular cheap... 2. Platies Xiphophorus maculatus Upto 2.5 inches Platies, like mollies, are another staple fish, and for exactly the.... The Mollie is a perfect tank mate for the Tiger Barb. A Molly is a warm water fish, so they work well in the warm water environment needed by the Tiger Barb. Moreover, the Mollie does not have long fins, so there is no worry about the Tiger Barbs nipping at their fins

Everything You Need To Know About Tiger Barbs; The Best Tank Mates For Your Energetic Tiger Barb. 1 Cherry Barbs; 2 Corydora Catfishes; 3 Mollies; 4 Rosy Barbs; 5 Red-Tailed Sharks; 6 Platies; 7 Tetras; 8 Plecos; 9 Tinfoil Barbs; 10 Swordtails; You Should Create A Tiger Barb Aquariu 9 Amazing Tiger Barb Tank Mates (& Why They're Great!) 1. Corydoras Catfish. Corydoras catfish are one of the most versatile of the common suspects in these lists. The truth... 2. Zebra Danio. Zebra Danios are fast, agile, and a perfect match for Tiger Barbs. They're playful, energetic, and add a....

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  1. The Tiger Barb will normally not attach a Platies because it is bigger than the Tiger Barb. Their fins are also short so the Tiger Barb has no chance of nipping it. They are inexpensive fish that can survive in the same surrounding and water atmosphere as the Tiger Barb so make great tank mates with them. Mollies. Mollies are another type of fish that grows to be quite bigger than the Tiger Barb
  2. g fish of a similar size. Here are some good Tiger Barb tank mates you can try out: Rosy Barb; Cherry Barb; Cory Catfish; Most Types Of Plecos; Clown Loach; Tinfoil Barb; Pictus Catfish; Neon Tetra; Breeding. Tiger Barb breeding is actually a pretty simple process in captivity
  3. d when considering tank mates. These barbs are extremely active fish

To help you along here are 12 of the Best Tank Mates For Angelfish. Tiger Barb Tank Mates. Thinking of keeping Tiger Barbs? Before you buy some check out this AWESOME guide to Tiger Barb Care you'll find everything you need to care for your Tiger Barbs. Want a community Barb tank? we show you the best Tank Mates For Tiger Barbs. Discus Tank Mates They actually do fine with tank mates. They can be aggressive, so it's not best to keep them with anything slow moving or long-finned, but other small, fast moving fish do great with them. I keep mine in a 55 with some serpae tetras and they love to play with each other. Dec 23, 2020 Is a tiger barb aggressive? Tiger barbs are not entirely aggressive. They ate semi-aggressive. However, if not kept in groups of 6 and more, they become aggressive and attack tank mates. To mitigate this, keep them in large groups. What size tank do tiger barbs need? Ideally, a 15+ gallon tank fits the bill Compatibility and tank mates. Tiger barb is an active schooling fish which should be kept in a group of 6 species at least. Quite often the fish is aggressive if its school is less than 6 species and it starts nipping its tank mates' fins In fact, the ideal tank mate for a tiger barb will have similar needs in general. Tiger barbs are tropical fish and like water temperatures within the range of 70 to 78℉. They like a well-planted aquarium and are active swimmers, so need a lot of open space to move around

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Tiger barbs aren't the most docile fish around, and in fact, they can be quite aggressive towards their mates and other fish. Some of these tendencies can be tempered (I'll discuss this in a bit), and they can be housed together with other fish in a community aquarium. I often see the molly fish listed as a compatible tank mate for tiger barbs 20 Tiger Barb Tankmates - YouTube. 20 Tiger Barb Tankmates. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device Best tank mates for Tiger Barbs are Tiger Barbs, these fish do well in a group of 6 or more & seem to behave well. What appears to be Tiger barbs fighting among themselves is them picking a pecking order or hierarchy within the the group. In a large group they appear to be more at peace. Aggression is more when kept in a small group of less than five Aquarium Tiger Barb tank mates list. I talk about what other fish you can keep in your tiger Barb fish tank. Barbs are a stressful fish to house with a lot o.. I'm getting a new tank for christmas, a 15 gallon, and today I went to the pet store and saw this beautiful Tiger Barbs and I thought I have to have some of those, they are so gorgeous. So I was wondering if I can house any Tiger Bars in there and if so, how many and possible tank mates

Tank mates for tiger barbs. Alright so our 30 gallon is doing great and I know I want tiger barbs of varying colors (10 of them) What is everyone's experience for good tank mates? I'm thinking maybe a bristlenose pleco, but i would like to find something else colorful that the barbs wont bully Tiger barb male fishes are very aggressive and they fight with their tank mates but don't worry. The fight won't end in the death of a fish. Some of the suitable tank fishes include Catfish, Zebrafish, Tetras, Platys, loaches, Rainbow Sharks, rainbow fish, Pleco Fish, Molly Fish, gourami fish, and freshwater plants I was specifically looking up information on what exactly would make good tank mates for Tiger Barbs. I had found one thread from google on here, but the question was never answered and the person seems to have been banned. I have 6 Tiger Barbs in a 12 gallon tank which measures: 20 x 10 x 1 The albino tiger barb may be unusual but has white bands. The care level of this fish is easy to intermediate. There are many species of fish to consider as tank mates but don't add bettas and angelfish. You can add Gold Barbs, Rosy Barbs, or Denison Barbs to your freshwater tank Tank mates for giant danios and tiger barbs. So I have a 75 gallon tank, planted, and it is currently stocked with 9 giant danios and 9 tiger barbs. The tiger barbs are doing fine. They aren't aggressive to the danios, so I decided it's time to get some more fish

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Tiger Barb Tank Mates. Photo by Patrick . Tiger Barbs should not be kept with other fish who have long, flowing fins, nor should they be kept with slow-moving species. You should not keep Tiger Barbs with species like bettas, for instance,. Odessa Barb Tank Mates The Odessa Barbs are perfect for keeping in common aquariums with other types of fish, as it has a calm character. First of all, other types of barbs will become ideal neighbors: Sumatran Barb, mutants, Denison Barb , Cherry Barb , Tiger Barb , etc The Tiger Barb will normally not attach a Platies because it is bigger than the Tiger Barb. Their fins are also short so the Tiger Barb has no chance of nipping it. They are inexpensive fish that can survive in the same surrounding and water atmosphere as the Tiger Barb so make great tank mates with them Tiger barb : Care, tank mates and more. The tiger barb or Sumatra barb ( Puntigrus tetrazona ), is a species of tropical cyprinid fish. The natural geographic range reportedly extends throughout the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra and Borneo in Indonesia. The very popular Tiger Barb is a simple fish to care for and can be fun to see because it swims.

Tiger Barb Tank Mates Tiger Barbs have expanded far outside of their native habitat, so even in the wild now they co-habitate with many different freshwater species. Five-banded Barbs and six-banded Barbs are known to have the same native habitat, so these Barbs make some of the best tank mates PT. Nov 10, 2013. #1. Hello everyone, I'm getting a new tank for christmas, a 15 gallon, and today I went to the pet store and saw this beautiful Tiger Barbs and I thought I have to have some of those, they are so gorgeous. So I was wondering if I can house any Tiger Bars in there and if so, how many and possible tank mates Green Tiger Barbs are also called Moss Green Tiger Barb, Platinum Green Tiger Barb etc. They can be kept with other types of tiger barbs, they are also semi aggressive fish & do well only with the right tank mates. These fish love Live Plants in the aquarium. Learn more about their tankmates, aquarium care at aquakri Apr 8, 2007. #10. i had about 30 tiger barbs in a tank once. 250 gallon with a male dwarf gourami and 2 females along with other fish. the fish were fine so i wouldn't worry about the gourami. I now have Tiger barbs, Dwarf Gourami's, Sword Tails, Black Mollys, Bala sharks and red tailed sharks in the one tank Tiger barbs tankmates = More Tiger Barbs. You can mix and match the colours from golden to green. Other possible small colourful tankmates are Serpae Tetras, Dwarf Neon rainbow fish, Black Skirt Tetras, Other species of Barbs, Harlequin rasbora, Danios (not the long finned ones) A lot depends on your tank size and water chemistry

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15 Best Tiger Barb Tank Mates - Full List of Tiger Barb

  1. Tiger Barb Good Tank mates? I have 5 small tiger barbs in a 30 gallon tank. I was wondering what would go well with them. I was thinking maybe a couple Bala Sharks? And then buying a larger bottom feeder so they wont pick on it
  2. Tiger Barbs are an attractive fish that are easy to care for and small enough for most tropical freshwater tanks. They also typically live between five and ten years, which means, with the information in this guide at your side, once you have Tiger Barbs, you can enjoy them for many years to come
  3. Choose tank mates wisely. Tiger barbs are aggressive fish and are very notorious fin nippers! Bottom dwellers or larger fish without longer fins, such as Mollies, Platies, Bala sharks and Parrot cichlids, are likely to be successful in the same aquarium as tiger barbs
  4. Tiger Barbs Suitable Tank Mates To repeat what we mentioned earlier, Tiger Barbs are not always the best choice of fish for a community tank. However, being shoaling fish, if you keep them in schools of 6 or more (the more the merrier) they will generally keep to themselves and will spend their days chasing each other around the tank rather than terrorising their neighbours
  5. Tiger Barbs Tank Mates. Tiger Barbs are one of the most active schooling tank fish. They are large enough to resist potential predators or rather large fish. But they are small enough for a modest-sized aquarium. Provided that the tank has considerable space, you can let them share it with a few other tank mates
  6. They are a peaceful species of fish, and you can add them in with most things that are suitable tank mates for neon tetras. Cherry Barb Unlike some of the more aggressive barbs like tiger and - to a lesser extent - rosy barbs, cherry barbs make a good addition to a peaceful community tank
  7. Worst Tank Mates Of Black Widow Tetra. There are some tank mates that you should avoid when you have black widow tetra in your aquarium. They are mentioned below: Tiger Barbs. Tiger barbs are well-known for their semi-aggressive nature, and can not go well with peaceful fish like black widow tetras

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Appropriate Tank Mates . Compared to other barbs, gold barbs are relatively calm. Tiger barbs, tinfoil barbs, and rosy barbs are also very popular fish, but they can be nippy and pushy with smaller or slower tank mates. Gold barbs mix well with cherry barbs, green Chinese barbs, smaller danios, and small to medium-sized tetras With tiger barbs, you should also aim for a spacious tank, especially if you're aiming of housing other fish as well with their sizeable tiger barb shoal. Tiger barbs should be housed in at least a 20-gallon tank, although if you can, do pick a larger one to set it up with enough plants and enough space for swimming Tiger Barb Tropical Fish Learn all about the Tiger Barb's feeding habits and food types, its behaviour, its origins, its natural habitats, is it male or female, breeding advice and information, suitable tank mates, its sizing and growth range, minimum tank size, water PH and more. Use our fish community creator tool to plan your tank set up and ensure that the Tiger Barb is the right fish for. Tiger Barb Habitat and Care. Tigers barbs tolerate a wide range of water conditions but do best in soft, slightly acidic water. The ideal tank should have a large open area for swimming with an abundance of live or artificial plants around the periphery of the tank. Temperature is not critical, and this fish can even be kept in an unheated tank

May 25, 2019 - Tiger Barbs are a beautiful addition to any tank. In this guide, we will discuss all of the possible Tiger Barb tank mates and their care requirements Cherry barbs have proved to be good angelfish companion. You can have it and keep it in the angelfish tank mate without any worry. But keep in mind that all barbs are not angelfish tank mates and don't ever try to take the risk without any proper research as you can call the disaster by keeping the tiger barb in an angelfish tank mate. Swordtail Worst Tank Mates Of Congo Tetra. You should not keep your Congo tetras with aggressive fin nippers as stress can result in sickness and death. So, here are some of the worst tankmates for Congo tetra that you must avoid: Tiger Barbs. Of all the barbs, tiger barbs are the worst kind you can get for your Congo tetra

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13 Roseline Shark (Denison Barb) Tank Mates (With Pictures) The Roseline Shark is a colorful fish that can help you create an ideal tank community in your home. These fish, are not sharklike as their name might suggest. In fact, they are quite peaceful and amicable with other aquatic pets that are put in the water with them Fish guide for Green Tiger Barb, Moss Green Tiger Barb profile with fish pictures, description and information, fish care, diet, habitat and fish diseases, tank mates and keeping the cyprinid fish aquariu Tiger Barbs are colorful, energetic, and hardy, but they are usually nippers. They will just about always nip on Angelfish and Betta Fish. So their tank mates must be able to swim fast! The bigger the school of Tiger Barbs the less they seem to nip on other species of fish Glofish Tiger Barbs. Known to be slightly aggressive, tiger barbs enjoy schooling among themselves but will become feisty when it comes to other tank mates. In fact, they may nip at smaller fish, even though they only grow to about 7.6 cm (3 inches) in length

Tiger barbs will probably pester your betta and nip at his or her fins, causing infections and disease. And, when you add more tiger barbs to a ten gallon tank with betta fish in it you'll have an over-supply problem. Most betta diseases are caused by poor water quality, improper filtration or poor tank management The Tiger Barb is an easy to breed fish, and raising their young can be easily accomplished by the beginner. It's recommended you use a breeding tank if you want to breed these fish — preferably 20 gallons. Set your water quality in the breeding tank at 74-79˚ Fahrenheit and a pH of about 6.5 with a hardness of 10 dGH to encourage breeding The Albino Tiger Barb will swim in all parts of the tank but prefers to swim in open areas in the middle. Since their maximum size is less than 3 inches, a school will need at least a 15-gallon aquarium. However, because they are very active swimmers, a tank that is 30 inches long and 30 gallons or more is recommended Compatibility with Tank Mates. Best kept solo or with smaller fast-swimming fish such as Tiger Barbs that avoid the bottom and middle of the tank. Not ideal for peaceful community tanks. Avoid housing with Discus, invertebrates or other Chinese or Siamese algae eaters. 3 Tiger barb behaviour and suitable tank mates: The Tiger barb is a shoaling fish and you should not purchase this species unless you have room to keep at least five specimens together, preferably more. If you keep a smaller number of freshwater Tiger barbs they can become aggressive and their fin-nipping tendencies are often enhanced

Tiger Barb Tank Needs. I recently observed a clerk in a big box store selling a customer four tiger barbs, two angelfish and six neon tetras, all to be housed in the customer's 10-gallon tank. The results are quite predictable. From a tiger barb's perspective, there are two types of fish: tiger barbs and targets Roseline barbs do not do well when kept in isolation or in pairs, as they rely on social interaction to remain stress-free and healthy. For that reason, I recommend that you keep a school of at least six Denison barbs. Tank Mates. In addition to their own kind, there are quite a few other fish species that generally do well with Roseline barbs Bala sharks can get up to 10 inches in size and are more than fast enough to escape a few African Cichlids. As long as the Bala Sharks are bigger than 4″ in size, they would be fine in an African Cichlid tank. Can African Cichlids Live with Tiger Barbs. Tiger Barbs are known to be pesky aggressive little fish Cherry Barb Tank Mates and Compatibility. Cherry Barbs are very peaceful and should be put with fish that share that nature. This means fish like Tetras, Celestial Pearl Danios, A fish like the Tiger Barb, even though a species of barb, will do just that: harass Green barb tank mates: I have 7 green tiger barbs in my tank and tried introducing two silver sharks which the shop assured me will be fine but as soon as they were released into the tank the barbs saw them as live food and started a feeding frenzy on their fins

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Cherry Barb 101: Care, Tank Mates, Diet, Breeding & More. The Cherry Barb is a great freshwater fish that we've been recommending for years. If you've been in the aquarium scene for a while there's a good chance you know someone who's owned one. Here's why they're so common: This species is beautiful and fun to observe A Guide (+ Chart) to Choosing Glofish Tank Mates. You've been enjoying the magnificence of your Glofish for some time, but now you've decided to add some diversity to the picture. Choosing good tankmates for Glofish-based aquariums usually results in a fairytale-like aquascape. However, not all beauties of the water world want to be part of.

Most other fish are not great tank mates, so it is best to have a community tank for the tiger barbs. They will just keep to themselves, whether they are playing around or at war and much better off than with most other varieties of fish. Tiger barbs are small fish, so care has to be taken to not add them to a tank of large fish like plecos Also, barbs are relatively big. So they cannot really fit in the small mouths of rainbow sharks. This means they cannot be eaten or seriously harmed by rainbow sharks. The best species of barbs that you can use as tank mates for your rainbow shark include the zebra, tiger, gold, and rosy barbs. 6

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Because you'll want all of your fish to be healthy and happy, it's important to choose tank mates that like similar tank conditions. Tank conditions for fish to live with goldfish Goldfish are freshwater fish that like a temperature of 65 - 80 °F , so fish that live with goldfish should like this setup too The Sumatra barb, more popularly known as the tiger barb, is a tropical fish that is immensely popular amongst hobbyists. In this comprehensive care sheet we'll discuss everything you need to know to successfully keep your tiger barbs happy and healthy. Contents1 Habitat1.1 Tank Size1.2 Water Temperature1.3 Water Composition1.4 Equipment and Plants2 Behavior of Tiger. Ruby barbs are schooling fish that should always be kept in groups of eight or more. They are less nippy than the tiger barb and are suitable for community aquariums with other peaceful fish. Tetras, other barbs, danios, catfish, and gouramis can generally be safely kept with ruby barbs. Livebearers are also suitable tank mates Fish Popular Name: Tiger Barb. Tank Size: 25 gallons. Country: United States. This tank picture looks better than 98.57% of tank pictures in this category. Ranked #107 out of 7474 freshwater fish pictures worldwide. Rating: 6.86 Votes: 14. Description: Tiger Barb (Puntius tetrazona) approx. 2 years old. Category: Freshwater Fish

Barbs. GloFish Barbs (tiger barbs) are known for their bold, tiger-life stripes and boisterous energy. When kept in groups of 5 or more, GloFish Barbs are a great addition to any aquarium, providing endless hours of entertainment displaying to one another. ®/TM/© 2020 Spectrum Brands, Inc. or one of its affiliates Minimum tank size: 30 gallons. Personality: Peaceful. Rosy barbs can be great tank mates for goldfish. You do need to do a few things to ensure they get on well though. Rosy barbs are shoaling fish and so need to be kept in a school of at least five individuals Compatibility and tank mates. In general this fish species isn't aggressive, but at that it treats all smaller sized tank mates as food. You shouldn't keep it with slow fishes (like goldfish or koi) since tinfoil barb activeness can make goldfish stressed

If you like this tiger loach, you can take them to your aquarium. But, before you do, you should know about the right clown loach care. Such as other fish, clown loach need takes good care. You can make them feel happy in the tank if you consider about the place, the food, and the right tank mates. Clown loach has a large size Blue ram cichlid tank mates. As already mentioned, distinguished from the other cichlid Blue ram cichlids mainly are calm. It is allowed to keep it at the same time with almost any other type of aquarium dwellers. These dwarf cichlids do not harass Characidae fish or Rainbowfish or neons. They get along well with tiger barbs, angelfish, and.

Tiger Barb Care Guide: Tank Size, Tank Mates, Lifespan, DietTiger Barb Care, Size, Life Span, Tank Mates, Breeding15 Best Tiger Barb Tank Mates - Full List of Tiger Barb

Barbs are often unfairly described as being fin-nippers, largely due to the behavior of a few types like tiger barbs, black ruby barbs and rosy barbs. Although some species can be boisterous, there are a number of more subdued and peaceful species like cherry barbs, gold, pentazona and checkerboard barbs that make great community tank inhabitants Dec 31, 2020 - Tiger Barbs are a beautiful addition to any tank. In this guide, we will discuss all of the possible Tiger Barb tank mates and their care requirements Aquarium Forum > Other Fish > Barbs > good tank mates with tiger barbs. PDA. View Full Version : good tank mates with tiger barbs. obida0429. 07-24-2010, 10:05 PM. Hey guys I was wondering what kind of fish are good with tiger barbs? I've got a 29 gallon and i'm looking to make it a pretty heavily stocked community tank I got a 29 gallon tank with 6 tiger barbs in it. I knew before hand that tiger barbs are nippy but I find them very lively so I went ahead and got 3 of them (and + 3 later). Now I am having a hard time finding good tank mates for the tiger barbs. My question is- what are some nice tropical fish that would do well with tiger barbs? I don't want to keep just barbs No and No neither of those are good tank mates for tiger barbs. I used to have a tigerbarb school that ranged from 5 to 15 at times in a 55g. I kept an assortment of bottom feeders with them, two or three pictus cats are a good choice if you can get the them barbs will ignore them altogether. I have kept mollies and platies with them 6 regular tiger barbs 1 pleco. I was just wondering what kind of suitable tank mates I could put with these tigers and how many of each. I know I definitely want some cories, but which kind of cories to get? I don't particularly like the albino ones, but whats another good hardy cory cat that will get along with tigers

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